We specialize in everything EDA/Semi and Internet/IOT… All Levels, All Specialties.

R&D, Application Engineers, Designers, Sales and Marketing


For us, the profession of recruiting is not taken lightly. After all, we are responsible for someones future and for helping the companies we represent, succeed.

Mark Gilbert, President CEO

​​​​​​​EDA-CAREERS is a unique and very different company when it comes to how we handle our clients and candidates. With nearly 20 years of recruiting exclusively in the EDA/Semiconductor industry, we pride ourselves on our relationships and follow-up. We WORK HARD to help find the best candidates for our companies and the best opportunities for our candidates, making sure both are satisfied every step of the way. In effect, we become PARTNERS so that both the candidate and the company process goes smoothly, from beginning to end.  That is why we have worked successfully with Hundreds of companies and placed such a broad array of candidates. 

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